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Quality flour at all stages

Preserve the benefits of real grain possible

"Tomsk mills" produce flour, cereals, bran, feed. We have been working for more than a hundred years and have refined the production process to trifles.

We buy the best grain from trusted suppliers and turn it into quality flour that meets international standards, and finished products deliver to the buyer by any means of transport.

Product quality

of raw materials

1. We grow and buy

We grow grain in our own fields and purchase from farmers.

2. Check

Grain must be clean, dry, free from pests, pesticides and chemicals.

3. Dry

We sort the accepted grain and bring each batch to a moisture content of 13.5%.

4. Clearing

Remove weed and mineral impurities, sand and small stones.

Product quality


1. Acceptance

Clean and dry grain is sent to storage in the elevator.

2. Elevator

Allows you to store 60 thousand tons of grain, without mixing lots of different quality.

3. Temperature control

Several times a day we check the temperature of the grain so that it does not deteriorate and does not catch fire from its own heat.


1. Fine cleaning

We clean the raw materials from weed and mineral impurities, from broken and small grains.

2. Cleaning control

The laboratory checks the purity of the grain: not more than 0.4% of weed and 0% of mineral impurities.

3. Control sieving

If the raw materials do not meet the standard, they are sent back for cleaning and grinding.

4. 15 km

So much is every grain from entering the mill to a bag of flour.

лаборатория Томских мельниц


We control quality throughout the grinding. At least three times during the shift is determined by moisture, grain size of flour, the whiteness of the flour, the quantity and quality of gluten, the number of drops.

and storage

1. Packaging

We pack the ready-made flour in paper bags and polypropylene bags.

2. Storage

Ready flour waits for buyers in piles in a warehouse, each lot has its own number.

3. Output control

We take samples from each batch, check the indicators, make out a quality and safety data sheet.

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